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About me

I am a freelance web developer from the Bucharest (RO/EU), with over 10 years of experience in web application development. I particularly like working with small to medium businesses, start-ups, creative agencies, and other freelancers.

I have skills that run the gamut of web technologies, from front-end tasks such as turning a web design into a functioning website with HTML and CSS, or scripting user interaction in the browser using Javascript with libraries such as jQuery to more complicated tasks such as plugin authoring or full single-page application design.

On the back-end I have worked with a range of programming languages, these days mostly PHP, but I also work with projects in Phyton and Ruby on Rails. I studied software engineering as part of my BA of Science, and am familiar with modern software design methodologies including Object Oriented (OO) programming, MVC, Agile, and Test Driven Development TDD.


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My Skills

Interactive Concept & Development. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Drupal, WordPress, MODx.






Previous work


from IA to product

Information Gathering

Collating all relevant data for your project; key dates, targets and deliverables.

Planning and Research

Staging estimates and timelines, researching competition and strategies, design trending and latest technologies to make the most out of your website.


Its all fun and games. Converting your designs into HTML5 templates, integrating and building into the web application. Some UX, too

Testing and support

Taged process of debugging, applying any small last minute changes and ensuring your product is ready. And ... we release!


Mobile 1st

Cloud Setup

Interactive Concept



about the state of internet

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Safari leading Mobile Browsers

Safari leading Mobile Browsers

Safari for iOS captured 61.79 percent of all mobile browser Web traffic in March, according to Net Applications*. That was a nice jump from the 55.41 percent it grabbed in February — enough to reaffirm Apple’s dominance of the space for the time

The state of WORDPRESS themes

The state of WORDPRESS themes

WordPress is the most popular CMS out there. It powers a good number of websites and blogs, and owing to its popularity, the number of extensions and themes that are available for WordPress surpasses those of any other CMS by a mile. Source:


Lucian is a skilled project manager and a specialist in his area of expertise. Throughout all our collaboration he convinced me not only that he fully commits to the project, but he also delivers at the level and quality of his engagement. Being flexible and of an enthusiastic nature, it has always been a pleasure to develop projects together with Lucian.

Stefan Ecxarcu

BDM at Making IT Simple

Great approach, great know-how, very well connected with the market. I've worked with Lucian on various online projects and he's always delivered excellent results, right on time. I strongly recommend him as a very good specialist in his field!.

Oana Burghelea


Lucian helped us develop our 2 online stores Wintermag.ro and Summermag.ro in Magento. He is a good specialist and has a really good understanding of the technical and business side.

Andrei Blaj

Co-founder, CEO at Makan Studios Ltd.


Accepting clients only from EU and US


Nicolae Filipescu 39-41, 1st floor, TechHub

lucian.hutanu (skype)